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About Us

For women, fashion is not just about clothing but an artful expression of their identity and values. And as modernity is taking over, the fashion world is revolutionising at its fastest pace. In India, many women still prefer taking it slow and choose clothes that have a modern look with a traditional touch. Embroidered shirts stand out as the perfect option in this realm, blending classic fashion and a vibrant twist of modernity into one piece. It is a masterpiece that marries comfort, sophistication, and timeless allure, resonating with the spirit of modern Indian women. Despite their appeal, these shirts often come with significant price tags, making them out of reach for many women. Additionally, from the chaos of demonetisation and the ensuing lockdowns due to the Corona pandemic, there was a sudden surge in the demand for a pocket-friendly fashion. This affected the clothing industry, impeding their ability to cater to the diverse fashion needs of the populace. Consequently, a substantial portion of women found themselves excluded from accessing the latest fashion trends. It seemed like fashion had put up a velvet rope, allowing only the wealthy to get easy access.

At SOS or Siddhaarth Oberoi Shirts, we envisioned a different narrative. Guided by our founder, Siddhaarth, a stalwart of the women’s fashion and textile industry for over two decades, we embarked on a mission to redefine fashion accessibility for women of every age. Our aim was clear: to offer meticulously crafted shirts designed by a premium women’s shirt designer in India at an inclusive price of 2499/-, making luxury fashion a tangible reality for all.

From sleek dress shirts to laid-back button-ups, our versatile collection boasts the artistry of embroidery. SOS is all about turning shirts into wearable art, where you can buy designer women’s shirts online and express your unique style.

As our beloved customer, you have the power to choose from a diverse array of creative designs, each one ideally suited for every mood and occasion. SOS is an all-inclusive brand for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves – or, should we say, their shirts? We like to call it “Proprio- One’s Own.”

And this is just the beginning of a vision that promises to unfold more ecstasy possibilities at the SOS store. We constantly strive to keep your wardrobe updated with fresh collections, providing you with four exciting launches every year. What’s more, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming debut of our shirt pairings, ensuring that you can effortlessly find everything you need for a complete ensemble under one roof. With this new offering, assembling the perfect outfit will be easier and more convenient than ever before.

So, what are you waiting for? Go Forth and Be Fabulous in your SOS shirt! Elevate your style, redefine fashion, and let your shirt do the talking. Because at SOS, we believe in making every day a work of art.