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Stay Hip And Stylish: 5 Shirts For Every Day Of The Week

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Can you imagine Steve Jobs without his black turtlenecks or actress Rekha without her Kanjivaram sarees? It’s their signature style. However, for most of us women, clothing is a form of self-expression that changes with our moods, whims and fancies. Say, for instance, we like to wear a white shirt with a pair of trousers to look professional and confident – but that white shirt can be checkered, printed, embroidered or plain, depending on our choice, and still look professional. Similarly, it can be paired with a pencil skirt, denim, or trousers, or simply like a dress shirt, whatever catches our fancy, and we can still look confident. This is precisely what defines freedom for us—the excitement to choose. Just as we decide our goals, ambitions and aspirations, we can also have a strong sense of what we want to wear and don’t. 

Breaking the Monotony 

Looking stylish is as good as looking happy. A typical day in our lives can be almost similar to the one gone by or the one coming along. However, it does not mean we should feel a sense of monotony. Fresh, vibrant clothing is our escape from the mundane routine. Whether dressing for work, an outing or relaxing, each day of the week should make us feel fresh and excited. A few essentials in a woman’s wardrobe can be mixed and matched or layered for a fresh new look every day. Amongst all of them, the most versatile and timeless are shirts. They are the chameleons of our closet, effortlessly transitioning our looks from casual to formal or semi-formal to dressy.  

Let us try how we can have five different shirt looks for the five days of the week and make a style statement every day. 

Set the Mood for the Coming Week:

  • Mute the Monday morning blues with a crisp white button-down shirt that exudes professionalism and confidence, setting the tone for a productive week ahead. If you want to find the one that fits you best but don’t have the time to go shopping, we suggest you buy designer women’s shirts online.
  • Tune in a terrific Tuesday with a vibrant, ruffled, checkered shirt to add the old Victorian charm to your look. Ruffled style is very much in and can make you an instant head-turner (provided you have a petite build).

  • Welcome the wisdom of Wednesdays with a solid-coloured, front-embroidered collar shirt. It will make you look elegant and send a friendly vibe, too. In other words, it will add a feeling of luxury without arrogance.

  • Taste the tranquil Thursdays with a bright-coloured printed or patterned shirt to express enthusiasm. The excitement of the weekend being just around the corner can be infectious.

  • Feel the fabulous Fridays with an exquisite floral embroidered stripe or check shirt to send across a happy weekend vibe. Apart from clothing stores, you can find a range of embroidered women’s check shirts online. 

Bonus Tip: Saturdays and Sundays are meant to relax your spirits and play with your mood in a happy shirt dress or a belted long shirt. 

Wrapping up

You don’t need to shell out your entire paycheck for a great wardrobe. You can explore a great, affordable, stylish, and elegant collection at Here, you can conveniently buy designer women’s shirts online. Mixing and matching the different shirt styles and colours with the right accessories can add variety and make you look your best each day. Fashion is as per the current trends, but style is intrinsically yours. Make it effortless by investing in some brightly coloured, wonderfully tailored shirts to look stylish and boost your happiness metre.

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