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Slay a New Look: Mix and Match Ideas For Your Embroidered Shirts

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Do you simply adore your embroidered shirts but often find yourself wondering how to style them differently? Did you recently buy a checkered design women’s shirt but feel bored of wearing it with the same pair of jeans every time? Well, you are in the right place! Embroidered or other shirts are not just for a single look. They can be incredibly versatile and elevate your style game when paired with different bottoms. In this blog, we shall explore some mix-and-match ideas to help you slay a new look each time with embroidered shirts. Read along the following options to look your best every time you wear your favourite embroidered shirts.

Dandy Denims

Start with a timeless favourite – the classic jeans. Pair your embroidered shirt with skinny jeans for a casual and chic look. The contrast of intricate embroidery with the simplicity of denim is a winner.

Tailored Trousers

Elevate your shirt by pairing it with tailored trousers. This combination is perfect for a semi-formal or office look. Don’t forget some statement accessories to complete the ensemble. 

Palazzo Pants

For an effortlessly elegant look, team your embroidered shirt with palazzo pants. The wide-legged bottoms add a touch of sophistication, and you can choose complementary or contrasting colours.

Sporty Shorts

Embrace a bohemian style by matching your embroidered shirt with high-waisted shorts. This combination is perfect for a carefree and laid-back vibe. 

Maximum Style with Maxi Skirts

Wear a maxi skirt with your embroidered shirt for a touch of drama. This look is perfect for special occasions; you can experiment with different textures and colours. 

Culottes for Comfort 

Culottes are comfortable and stylish. Combine them with your embroidered shirt for a trendy and breathable outfit, ideal for warm weather. 

Traditional Twirl  

If you want to add a traditional twist, pair your embroidered shirt with a matching or contrasting lehenga skirt. Accessorise your outfit with traditional jewellery for a festive look. 

Jumpsuit Juxtaposition

Create a unique look by layering your embroidered shirt over a jumpsuit. The fashion-forward style adds a touch of creativity to your style. 

Leisurely Layering

Don’t hesitate to layer your embroidered shirt with jackets or vests. This can add depth and style to your outfit, especially in cooler weather. 

Cool and Confident Cargos

Team your embroidered shirts with cargo pants to look chilled out and ooze confidence.   

Light-hearted Linen Pants

The simplicity of linen pants combined with the artistry of embroidered shirts gives an elegant and honest vibe. Look and feel your best in this combination.   

Tips and Takeaways

Embroidered shirts are the most versatile and a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. You can look different by styling them differently; 

  • Tuck them in for a formal look
  • Tie them in a knot at the base to be a stud
  • Leave it loose for a casual and relaxed appearance 
  • Belt it at the waist for a fun look

Pay attention to colours, textures, and accessories to create a stylish, balanced outfit. You don’t have to hunt from shop to shop for the best quality and trendy shirts. You can easily buy luxurious solid-coloured women’s shirts online

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