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1 Shirt, 5 Outfits: Endless Ways to Style a Stripe Embroidered Shirt 

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Once upon a time, a girl was standing in front of her closet on a Saturday morning with one mission in mind: To find that perfect shirt. The one with an elegant look and versatility complementing any pairing. But, as fate would have it, her wardrobe has only either overly plain shirts, leaving her a bit uninspired or flashy shirts that only pop stars wear at their concerts. But then, just when the girl was on the verge of a wardrobe frustration, something magical happened. As she scrolled through her favourite online fashion store, her eyes were drawn to a fashion treasure- embroidered stripe shirts. It was a game-changer, a wardrobe revolution in the making.

And here’s the exciting part – this can be your story, too.

In this blog, we will take you through the magical realm of an embroidered striped shirt. So, grab your spot of choice, get comfy and join us in uncovering just like the girl in the story about the fashion magic hidden within an embroidered shirt and five incredible looks you can make with it. 

The Classic Chic Look

An embroidered shirt is a perfect blend of classic design and modern twist, which makes it a timeless piece. If you are purchasing from our Siddhaarth Oberoi Shirts collection, you can choose our Collar Dark Blue Stripe Back Embroidered Shirt and can pair it with well-fitted black trousers and classic black heels for a sophisticated look. The back embroidery adds a unique touch that sets you apart from the crowd. This outfit is ideal for formal events or professional settings where elegance is key.

The Casual Skirt Combo

Want to add a twist to your casual outfit? If so, you can buy women’s striped shirts online and style them by wearing them with a denim skirt. Opt for a medium-length skirt that just hits above the knee. Leave the shirt untucked and tie it at the waist for a relaxed and effortless look. With white sneakers, you are good to go for a comfortable and stylish outing or running errands. 

A Boho Look

Ready to elegantly carry the bohemian-inspired look? A long embroidered shirt as a dress paired with brown ankle boots is all you need for that free-spirited boho fashion. To accentuate your figure, consider adding a wide belt to cinch your waist. The outfit is great for music festivals, picnics, etc.

The ‘Night-Out with Friends’ Look

When you buy women’s striped shirts online, you can be sure that they will work beautifully with skinny jeans. Roll up the sleeves to give a casual touch, and complete the outfit with knee-high boots or ankle boots. This combination is perfect for daily wear or a casual night out with friends.

Layered Style

Layering is a great way to add depth and interest to your outfit. Wear an embroidered stripe shirt under a sleeveless pinafore dress or overall dress. Whether the pinafore dress is denim, corduroy, or velvet, the shirt will peek out from underneath, fusing a touch of elegance to the overall look. It is a playful and trendy style perfect for autumn or winter.

Wear your heart on your sleeves with Siddhaarth Oberoi Shirts!

Ready to turn your everyday shirts into wearable masterpieces? If so, Siddhaarth Oberoi Shirts (SOS) is here with a plethora of embroidered stripe shirts that can make being stylish super simple and effortless. So, why wait? Start your fabulous fashion journey with us and make your wardrobe unique as you are!

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